Monday, July 7, 2008

dig, turtle, dig!

So it has been a while since anyone has heard anything from us. That's usually the case. We played in Folly Beach, SC this past weekend at a Holiday Inn for a few drunks and some very scared looking newlyweds. We played like 20 songs and David sang "Wonderful Tonight" for them. Thanks to Pacifico beer for all the free beer and an excuse to get sloshed on the beach!

We're playing in Winston Salem at the Wherehouse this Friday, (details on so if you are reading this, come to the show, and say you read this, and I'll give you a high five. Far-less, Native Sound, and Mansions are also playing.

Still writing, still playing, not touring.... I think this is our first summer home in like 3 years! And it's hot. Nonetheless, we have some ideas for the rest of the year, and although we don't know what it's going to be yet, we are definitely going to release something by the end of this year, in one form or another.

ALSO we are going to be YES! Weekly's band of the week this week, and we did an interview and told lots of neat things to them, so if you live in the Triad, pick it up! I think you can get them outside of restaurants and places like that. It's free.

And last but not least, upon our return home yesterday, we spotted a turtle in our dirt driveway, digging a hole with her hind legs, ready to lay eggs. We are going to now be the caretakers of baby turtles, who may join the band later. I think her name is Tia. The turtle. I took a video and pictures if anybody wants to see them.

To Tia the House of Fools turtle!