Monday, March 31, 2008

Joel Learning to Use this thing

hey look at me I am learning to use this thing. my first blog. Im no good with computers but davids showing me how to use this thing. So now Im on my way.  right now we are at lonnys and he looks like john goodman. In conclusion my thought of the day is,  dennys is awful.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Leaving Arizona

We're out of here in about an hour. I hope I get to eat pita pit. Thanks to our buddy Jeremiah who hooked us up with awesome shows to go see on our days off. Black Keys and Tokyo Police Club. We're going to LA. I hate that place but it's alright cause there's work to be done. We have some meetings then go to Vegas for a live Internet show called Deeprockdrive. Check it out at  After that it's back to Cali for Bamboozle left and a few other California shows. Check those out on our myspace.


Why is it that every time we're in a hotel either A League of Their Own, The Ice Harvest, or the Mummy on t.v.?? The Mummy particularly annoys Joel. He hates it. The Scorpion King is on a lot too but that one's tolerable because it has the Rock in it. Who kicks a lot of ass. He used to have the eyebrow and the people's elbow.


Desert Dry air is getting everybody sick. It makes your throat feel like there is seaweed in it. This is probably the best blog ever.



Friday, March 28, 2008

Nursing the Wounds

Modified - night two

After the much craved IN N OUT burger we met the John Ralston dudes and Justin and Johnny from Limbeck at the baseball game. Rocky's and Angels at the Stadium in Tempe. Josh told a traffic cop to more or less go to hell, and the pitcher got pegged in the beak by the ball. We fought through traffic to the hotel, then to the Modified for the last night of tour. We went for it. All of us. There was free beer and 2 bottles of whiskey in the back. It was gone fast and we bought more. During our set we were ambushed by the whole tour. Superblonde rapped like 20 songs i didn't know. The crowd did though so that was cool. Justin and Patrick were spinning their shirts over their heads and Dan Bonebrake picked me up on his shoulders for the solo in Interested. I will miss those guys dearly. The recklessness continued through John Ralston's set and through Limbeck's. After the show we closed down a bar down the street and said our goodbye's. Or rather "good journeys." Then we all woke up in our hotel. And we feel less than awesome. We need somebody to nurse our wounds. Night off in Phoenix. Thanks to all you guys : John Cheese, Rob, Patrick, Jonny, Justin, John Ralston, Dan, Nate (aka superblonde aka banjo). You will be missed.




Thursday, March 27, 2008

Last day of tour

Last night we played at the modified art gallery in Phoenix Arizona. I've decided that i really dig that place. Even though most of the equipment they had in the space wasn't working at the time and there was no ac. There was a back room full of PBR, waters, and there were two big ole dookie bags of chips with premium salsa to be dipped in. We watched two pretty damn good local bands and then we hit the stage. Everybody there made the shit smelling sound we were pushing through the main speakers smell like roses by headbanging and singing along whenever they felt like they knew the words. I like Phoenix Arizona. Which makes me pretty excited about tonight because we're gonna do the same thing again. Today is the last day of our tour with John Ralston and The Traveling Limbeck Band. Im definitely not ready for this tour to end. Everybody on this trip seems to be on the same page mentally and drinkin wise physically. So tonight i expect the rager to turn into a party like we're gonna die tomorrow . After the tour we have four or five days to hang out where ever we choose out here in the west. So no telling what the hell will happen in the next week or so. We'll let you know.



Monday, March 24, 2008

biggest update ever

this is what's happening right now:

DSC00845 (Large) ciao!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

st. louis loves to rain

howdy ya'll. We are currently shacking up in a hotel in St. Louis after 2 days of driving from Austin, Texas... or you could call it the binge drinking hell that is South By Southwest. And I mean the good kind of hell. We haven't had a show since Thursday and boredominsanity is taking effect. We lost our documentarian Patrick Caudle in Texas who had to go back home to go back to school and work on making us look cool on film. We shot roughly 30 hours of tape over 2 weeks so expect some videos and possibly even a film about our experience out here in the next couple of months (these things take time). Our sound engineer Chainsaw is also leaving soon, I think today, to go pursue more fruitful interests at home, so good luck to him as well. What all this really means is that this is the first time it will be just the 6 of us fools on the road together since spring 2005, close to when the band first started. Helloooo van space.

We've been playing new songs every night, trying to change things up to make them fresh for us and for you, so please, if you hear something you like, hit us up on here, on myspace, anywhere, and let us know! We will be circulating some new demos on here we recorded at the Gordon Roadhouse as soon as they are edited for time, and unfortunately we don't have any kind of sound editing program with us here, but as soon as we do, you'll hear them. Promise.

As for now, I'm waiting for Jeff and Phil to stop working out and get in the shower so we can EAT. We are hungry all the time, and being up for a few hours and drinking hot hotel coffee is not helping. OH and in unrelated band news, if anyone can find a video of BostonDynamics BIGDOG whatever the hell it's called (that's what google is for), check that shit out. It's fucking scary.

-Matt HOF