Saturday, December 6, 2008

why are we still here?

i don't know. but we are.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

new songs

my cat won't stop complaining.

we added 3 new songs to our myspace page today.

One of them is loud and long.

Another is loud and shorter.

And another is specifically for Halloween. It's called "Midnight Feast of Tricky Treats" or just "Tricky Treats" for short, and it is our homage to the monsters of halloween who never get any credit for being the horrifying abominations they are. The song is about their revenge on all the little kids who have gotten free candy for years and years. It's the monsters turn now!

some shows coming up...

10/9 at Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC
10/24 at Greene St. in Greensboro, NC
11/1 at Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC

... where we will be playing mostly new material, some of which we will be posting on the myspace page in the next few weeks. so go to and listen and welcome the fall.

48 degrees tonight, sweet!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

yellow jackets

Hey everybody. David here. First off I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who's still supporting House of Fools and wanting us to go on tour and come to their town. We will see you ASAP. We've been hanging around at home (as you know) and writing/recording new material and being with friends and family. It's been nice but I'm extremely road sick. I miss all my crazy friends in crazy places. Especially Justic. I hope he reads this. Anyways for the past week I've been trying to mow my yard. I say trying because every time i try there is a new damn yellow jacket (a small yellow hornet for you northerners haha) nest in my yard. So the first day I tried there were 4. I waited till Dusk and poured gasoline into the holes. The fumes kill them in their sleep. They keep coming back and always in a new place that's about 5 feet from the one I got the night before. Today there was only one, and with little activity, so i decided to brave it. In the process, I found and killed a Black Widow. I made it past the yellow jacket nest fine and was on my way. So I'm listening to Ryan Adam's (who's sober now which is weird) and mowing and totally forgot about it......And i get stung by a completely unrelated lone wasp. Talk about pissed off. Plus I haven't had a cigarette all day cause I'm trying to quit. Anyways just wanted to fill you in a little bit on my life. I'm pissed off, infested with bugs (my yard atleast), and i miss all of you dearly. I hope I see you soon.

Rock and Roll,

p.s. Farewell needs a new keyboardist

Monday, July 7, 2008

dig, turtle, dig!

So it has been a while since anyone has heard anything from us. That's usually the case. We played in Folly Beach, SC this past weekend at a Holiday Inn for a few drunks and some very scared looking newlyweds. We played like 20 songs and David sang "Wonderful Tonight" for them. Thanks to Pacifico beer for all the free beer and an excuse to get sloshed on the beach!

We're playing in Winston Salem at the Wherehouse this Friday, (details on so if you are reading this, come to the show, and say you read this, and I'll give you a high five. Far-less, Native Sound, and Mansions are also playing.

Still writing, still playing, not touring.... I think this is our first summer home in like 3 years! And it's hot. Nonetheless, we have some ideas for the rest of the year, and although we don't know what it's going to be yet, we are definitely going to release something by the end of this year, in one form or another.

ALSO we are going to be YES! Weekly's band of the week this week, and we did an interview and told lots of neat things to them, so if you live in the Triad, pick it up! I think you can get them outside of restaurants and places like that. It's free.

And last but not least, upon our return home yesterday, we spotted a turtle in our dirt driveway, digging a hole with her hind legs, ready to lay eggs. We are going to now be the caretakers of baby turtles, who may join the band later. I think her name is Tia. The turtle. I took a video and pictures if anybody wants to see them.

To Tia the House of Fools turtle!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Songs and Videos and Shows and things

howdy! we've put up a few songs up on our myspace page from our album that have never been up here before: "Coke and Smoke", "What Are We Supposed To Do?", and "Me and Everyone I Know", as well as added back "Until It's Over"... all from the album Live and Learn.

ALSO we have put up a couple of videos taken on my digital camera from the last tour, one showing what it's like to drive 45 hours from San Jose to Greensboro without stopping, and another of us jamming out and singing an unreleased (but occasionally played) song in a hotel room.

OH and remember NEXT WEEKEND (14th and 15th) we have two headlining shows with Telescreen, Damona Waits, and Boxbomb in the good ol' NC, so come out and rock like killer tomatoes!

matt and House of Fools

Friday, April 18, 2008

pollen and pepsi

greetings all!

We have been home for about a week now. It feels great to back home in the beautiful weather of North Carolina... everything is so green and yellow. And the yellow is of course from the annual flood of pollen that likes to creep up nostrils and throats and eyeballs and whatever other openings are exposed to it's allergy inducing qualities. But I digress. 

Josh is currently on tour with Far-less playing bass, so we have written and new song and are trying out some new things, including recording everything live, which is a far more challenging, yet rewarding experience than simply having everyone come in and play their parts separately. If this seems like quite a bit of effort simply for demos, it is, and we love it.  It feels good to be back playing music for fun and for more than 30 minutes a day.  Did I mention the weather? It's great.

On a side note, I have just raided my parents fridge, and I don't know if anybody else's family does this, but my parents like to buy every new type of diet, fake sugar, fat free, or genetically engineered soft drink on the market.  I don't believe we've had a single can of regular Coke or Mountain Dew in the house in years.  That said, there was a new type in the fridge today: Diet Pepsi MAX. Apparently this is supposed to be like Diet Pepsi, only with ginseng AND caffeine (I guess this means MORE caffeine). Why we need to cross our Pepsis and Red Bulls, I don't know. It tastes more or less like Diet Pepsi, and I haven't experienced a surge of energy yet, but the whole concept of this particular style of soft drink seems absurd to me. Oh, and it's zero calories.

Okay, I'm sold.



Wednesday, April 9, 2008


My jeans smell like burnt hair.

It's the last day of tour for us, after 43 days away from home, we are finally starting our journey back tonight.  But not before rocking ass tonight in San Jose.  Last night we played and hung out with Daphne Loves Derby and Making April, and the security guards at the hotel. Arm wrestling competitions ensued whilst beer was being drunk. Beer that we are now feeling the morning effects of and is inhibiting my typing. We've have a lot of fun these past couple of months and we can't thank everyone enough who helped us get here in one peice (well, 6 peices) by either feeding us, letting us stay at their house for like a week, hanging out with us, or just making us feel welcome where we go. It's funny how you count down the days till the end of tour for so long, and once you're there you want it to go on just a little bit longer. I hear it's rainy back home, so maybe we can bring the sun with us. The drive home is something like 50 hours, so we're stopping in Boulder on the way and splitting it up into 2 still-long-as-hell 20-something hour-long drives. Everyone is starting to wake up now, and alas, I am too hungover to keep typing. Such is the nature of tour. Also, my leg just went to sleep.



DSC01045 (Large)

Monday, April 7, 2008

bamboozle was good

So yesterday was bamboozle and I must say it was great. We played at 3:30 which is early for rock and roll but it was a good show. it felt good to play an outdoor show.I definitely had a blast. I saw rx bandits and they ruled extra. they were kick ass. I hope we can tour with them sometime. I saw a lot of bands killing it. steel train, reel big fish and many more. but jimmy eat world takes the cake. they were amazing. such a good time. Jeff and I got to meet Jim Atkins from jimmy eat world. that was a pleasure. he was a very cool dude. he is an idol of mine. the day started out rough for us being all hung over sitting in traffic. but it ended well.we saw our homie downtown mark brown. and he was kicking ass too. overall it was a good day.


Friday, April 4, 2008

lonny's taking a nap

So here i sit at lonny's house in Porter Ranch California bored bored bored and a little hungover. Last night we hung out with our friend Nancie. After a bottle of some awesome scotch, a couple of beers, and some good mexican food we left Nancie's to go meet up with the most awesome Limbeck dudes at a bar called cha cha lounge in Silverlake California. Im sure you can guess how the rest of the night went.......HOT DOG! Anyways all i want to do right now is play some basketball. I have a mean hook shot. Also i think Lonny and I deserve a rematch against Joel and Salsa considering the last time we played them we got murdered. So i guess this is where I'll explain the title of this blog. Lonny is a 26 year old just married handsome dude but he acts like a 59 year old divorced ugly grumpy bastard. All I want to do is go play some basketball and now Joel, Salsa, and I have to wait on him to wake up from his midday nap. What a lame excuse for a young adult. I love him though. Now im gonna get Matt to put up some other songs from our record live in learn on our myspace page. So checkem out when you get a chance. peace, love, and basketball.

love, josh


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Deep Rock Drive and Sin City

Hey everyone.  We've been up to the usual no good.  Holy Hangover.  Anyways, I sit here at our manager Lonny's in Northridge California resting and watching Matt play Zelda on the Wii which is awesome. Yesterday we were in Las Vegas and did a live internet show called Deep Rock Drive.  Some of you may have seen it.  I hope so.  Those guys are incredible and run one hell of a show.  I encourage everyone to check out their site :  Also any bands I know should look into doing it.


We set up kind of awkwardly but it was worth it so they could get cameras in and out and get some good shots.  There were huge screens with our set list, which the viewers voted on, and messages from everyone as well.  It was hard to read and play at the same time and not laugh at some of the things coming in, but i'd like to thank those who participated.  It was a lot of fun.  Seriously check those guys out.  It's gonna blow up.


Afterwards Josh, Joel, and Myself went out with our friend Chris to the Old Downtown Vegas.  It had it's own vibe.  Almost separate from the rest of Vegas.  I liked it a lot better than the glamorous strip.  A lot cheaper too, which my rock and roll budget always likes. We got L.I.T.'s for $3.25 that were strong enough to fuck up an elephant. Joel and Chris gambled and lost their money and mine, and Josh and I drank and people watched.  Always a good time.  Thanks again Chris if you read this.  We left our Hyatt (which good old Bill Shatner and Priceline so kindly negotiated for us) and drove all day long back to LA where I sit.  Northridge, whatever.  Tomorrow we have some business to attend to and then it's more shows, and Bamboozle left this weekend. 


Below are some pictures Matt took of the Deeprockdrive set.

"I"m da BOSS!"









Monday, March 31, 2008

Joel Learning to Use this thing

hey look at me I am learning to use this thing. my first blog. Im no good with computers but davids showing me how to use this thing. So now Im on my way.  right now we are at lonnys and he looks like john goodman. In conclusion my thought of the day is,  dennys is awful.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Leaving Arizona

We're out of here in about an hour. I hope I get to eat pita pit. Thanks to our buddy Jeremiah who hooked us up with awesome shows to go see on our days off. Black Keys and Tokyo Police Club. We're going to LA. I hate that place but it's alright cause there's work to be done. We have some meetings then go to Vegas for a live Internet show called Deeprockdrive. Check it out at  After that it's back to Cali for Bamboozle left and a few other California shows. Check those out on our myspace.


Why is it that every time we're in a hotel either A League of Their Own, The Ice Harvest, or the Mummy on t.v.?? The Mummy particularly annoys Joel. He hates it. The Scorpion King is on a lot too but that one's tolerable because it has the Rock in it. Who kicks a lot of ass. He used to have the eyebrow and the people's elbow.


Desert Dry air is getting everybody sick. It makes your throat feel like there is seaweed in it. This is probably the best blog ever.



Friday, March 28, 2008

Nursing the Wounds

Modified - night two

After the much craved IN N OUT burger we met the John Ralston dudes and Justin and Johnny from Limbeck at the baseball game. Rocky's and Angels at the Stadium in Tempe. Josh told a traffic cop to more or less go to hell, and the pitcher got pegged in the beak by the ball. We fought through traffic to the hotel, then to the Modified for the last night of tour. We went for it. All of us. There was free beer and 2 bottles of whiskey in the back. It was gone fast and we bought more. During our set we were ambushed by the whole tour. Superblonde rapped like 20 songs i didn't know. The crowd did though so that was cool. Justin and Patrick were spinning their shirts over their heads and Dan Bonebrake picked me up on his shoulders for the solo in Interested. I will miss those guys dearly. The recklessness continued through John Ralston's set and through Limbeck's. After the show we closed down a bar down the street and said our goodbye's. Or rather "good journeys." Then we all woke up in our hotel. And we feel less than awesome. We need somebody to nurse our wounds. Night off in Phoenix. Thanks to all you guys : John Cheese, Rob, Patrick, Jonny, Justin, John Ralston, Dan, Nate (aka superblonde aka banjo). You will be missed.




Thursday, March 27, 2008

Last day of tour

Last night we played at the modified art gallery in Phoenix Arizona. I've decided that i really dig that place. Even though most of the equipment they had in the space wasn't working at the time and there was no ac. There was a back room full of PBR, waters, and there were two big ole dookie bags of chips with premium salsa to be dipped in. We watched two pretty damn good local bands and then we hit the stage. Everybody there made the shit smelling sound we were pushing through the main speakers smell like roses by headbanging and singing along whenever they felt like they knew the words. I like Phoenix Arizona. Which makes me pretty excited about tonight because we're gonna do the same thing again. Today is the last day of our tour with John Ralston and The Traveling Limbeck Band. Im definitely not ready for this tour to end. Everybody on this trip seems to be on the same page mentally and drinkin wise physically. So tonight i expect the rager to turn into a party like we're gonna die tomorrow . After the tour we have four or five days to hang out where ever we choose out here in the west. So no telling what the hell will happen in the next week or so. We'll let you know.



Monday, March 24, 2008

biggest update ever

this is what's happening right now:

DSC00845 (Large) ciao!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

st. louis loves to rain

howdy ya'll. We are currently shacking up in a hotel in St. Louis after 2 days of driving from Austin, Texas... or you could call it the binge drinking hell that is South By Southwest. And I mean the good kind of hell. We haven't had a show since Thursday and boredominsanity is taking effect. We lost our documentarian Patrick Caudle in Texas who had to go back home to go back to school and work on making us look cool on film. We shot roughly 30 hours of tape over 2 weeks so expect some videos and possibly even a film about our experience out here in the next couple of months (these things take time). Our sound engineer Chainsaw is also leaving soon, I think today, to go pursue more fruitful interests at home, so good luck to him as well. What all this really means is that this is the first time it will be just the 6 of us fools on the road together since spring 2005, close to when the band first started. Helloooo van space.

We've been playing new songs every night, trying to change things up to make them fresh for us and for you, so please, if you hear something you like, hit us up on here, on myspace, anywhere, and let us know! We will be circulating some new demos on here we recorded at the Gordon Roadhouse as soon as they are edited for time, and unfortunately we don't have any kind of sound editing program with us here, but as soon as we do, you'll hear them. Promise.

As for now, I'm waiting for Jeff and Phil to stop working out and get in the shower so we can EAT. We are hungry all the time, and being up for a few hours and drinking hot hotel coffee is not helping. OH and in unrelated band news, if anyone can find a video of BostonDynamics BIGDOG whatever the hell it's called (that's what google is for), check that shit out. It's fucking scary.

-Matt HOF