Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Songs and Videos and Shows and things

howdy! we've put up a few songs up on our myspace page from our album that have never been up here before: "Coke and Smoke", "What Are We Supposed To Do?", and "Me and Everyone I Know", as well as added back "Until It's Over"... all from the album Live and Learn.

ALSO we have put up a couple of videos taken on my digital camera from the last tour, one showing what it's like to drive 45 hours from San Jose to Greensboro without stopping, and another of us jamming out and singing an unreleased (but occasionally played) song in a hotel room.

OH and remember NEXT WEEKEND (14th and 15th) we have two headlining shows with Telescreen, Damona Waits, and Boxbomb in the good ol' NC, so come out and rock like killer tomatoes!

matt and House of Fools