Friday, April 18, 2008

pollen and pepsi

greetings all!

We have been home for about a week now. It feels great to back home in the beautiful weather of North Carolina... everything is so green and yellow. And the yellow is of course from the annual flood of pollen that likes to creep up nostrils and throats and eyeballs and whatever other openings are exposed to it's allergy inducing qualities. But I digress. 

Josh is currently on tour with Far-less playing bass, so we have written and new song and are trying out some new things, including recording everything live, which is a far more challenging, yet rewarding experience than simply having everyone come in and play their parts separately. If this seems like quite a bit of effort simply for demos, it is, and we love it.  It feels good to be back playing music for fun and for more than 30 minutes a day.  Did I mention the weather? It's great.

On a side note, I have just raided my parents fridge, and I don't know if anybody else's family does this, but my parents like to buy every new type of diet, fake sugar, fat free, or genetically engineered soft drink on the market.  I don't believe we've had a single can of regular Coke or Mountain Dew in the house in years.  That said, there was a new type in the fridge today: Diet Pepsi MAX. Apparently this is supposed to be like Diet Pepsi, only with ginseng AND caffeine (I guess this means MORE caffeine). Why we need to cross our Pepsis and Red Bulls, I don't know. It tastes more or less like Diet Pepsi, and I haven't experienced a surge of energy yet, but the whole concept of this particular style of soft drink seems absurd to me. Oh, and it's zero calories.

Okay, I'm sold.



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Mister Chuff said...

What's up, guys! I love your music.

My name's Chris Huff and I met up with Josh at the Masquerade in Atlanta when he played with Far-Less as opening for Mae.

Any way I can keep in touch with him and also with the rest of HoF, let me know:

Thanks guys.