Wednesday, April 9, 2008


My jeans smell like burnt hair.

It's the last day of tour for us, after 43 days away from home, we are finally starting our journey back tonight.  But not before rocking ass tonight in San Jose.  Last night we played and hung out with Daphne Loves Derby and Making April, and the security guards at the hotel. Arm wrestling competitions ensued whilst beer was being drunk. Beer that we are now feeling the morning effects of and is inhibiting my typing. We've have a lot of fun these past couple of months and we can't thank everyone enough who helped us get here in one peice (well, 6 peices) by either feeding us, letting us stay at their house for like a week, hanging out with us, or just making us feel welcome where we go. It's funny how you count down the days till the end of tour for so long, and once you're there you want it to go on just a little bit longer. I hear it's rainy back home, so maybe we can bring the sun with us. The drive home is something like 50 hours, so we're stopping in Boulder on the way and splitting it up into 2 still-long-as-hell 20-something hour-long drives. Everyone is starting to wake up now, and alas, I am too hungover to keep typing. Such is the nature of tour. Also, my leg just went to sleep.



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apoonfulofsugar said...

hey matt & amigos,
you guys did rock ass wednesday night! thanks for the free cd & broken case, I'm loving the songs. I hope you get home soon/safely. hot dog!