Tuesday, August 5, 2008

yellow jackets

Hey everybody. David here. First off I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who's still supporting House of Fools and wanting us to go on tour and come to their town. We will see you ASAP. We've been hanging around at home (as you know) and writing/recording new material and being with friends and family. It's been nice but I'm extremely road sick. I miss all my crazy friends in crazy places. Especially Justic. I hope he reads this. Anyways for the past week I've been trying to mow my yard. I say trying because every time i try there is a new damn yellow jacket (a small yellow hornet for you northerners haha) nest in my yard. So the first day I tried there were 4. I waited till Dusk and poured gasoline into the holes. The fumes kill them in their sleep. They keep coming back and always in a new place that's about 5 feet from the one I got the night before. Today there was only one, and with little activity, so i decided to brave it. In the process, I found and killed a Black Widow. I made it past the yellow jacket nest fine and was on my way. So I'm listening to Ryan Adam's (who's sober now which is weird) and mowing and totally forgot about it......And i get stung by a completely unrelated lone wasp. Talk about pissed off. Plus I haven't had a cigarette all day cause I'm trying to quit. Anyways just wanted to fill you in a little bit on my life. I'm pissed off, infested with bugs (my yard atleast), and i miss all of you dearly. I hope I see you soon.

Rock and Roll,

p.s. Farewell needs a new keyboardist

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